Smart Wipes Cares About The Future of Our Planet. We are passionate to make sustainable products.

Smart Wipes is a Dutch company with a branch in Czech Republic. We produce our wipes together with trusted partners in The Netherlands and Czech Republic, as well as in Italy and Belgium. Our strategy is to supply products with a sustainable environmental footprint. Our own brands are in all cases biodegradable and compostable. Our formulas are mild and from natural resources.

Unique Selling Points

We don’t want to be like everybody else and we prefer to be different, maybe even better. We made some choices.



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Our Principles

We have decided to produce sustainable products only. The burden non-sustainable wipes can give our earth is too big. We just do it the right way.

  • Sustainable
  • High quality
  • Compostable
  • Good preservatives
  • Antibacterial ingredients
  • Low impact
  • Biodegradable
  • Natural ingredients
  • Also for private label
  • Produced in the EU

“I have friends that run a beach bar. Customers love the product. Before sitting down they wipe sand and salt. My friends have noticed an increase in sales and people stay longer. How nice is that, sounds like a pretty good investment to me.”

André van Remmerden
Managing Partner

Frequently asked questions

Of course we are more than happy to answer any of your questions. But here are some answers that might already help you.

What is the difference between Coolhands and Smart Wipes products?2019-08-27T20:41:38+02:00

The difference between Coolhands and Smart Wipes products is the used material. Our Coolhands wipes are made from 100% bamboo and our Smart Wipes are made from 100% bio-viscose.

Is the package from Coolhands and Smart Wipes compostable or biodegradable?2019-08-27T20:42:34+02:00

The current packages for Coolhands and Smart Wipes are NOT yet compostable or biodegradable. The new package (for Coolhands and for Smart Wipes), available end 2019 / beginning of 2020 is COMPOSTABLE.

Are all your wipes compostable or biodegradable?2019-08-27T20:43:17+02:00

The Coolhands bamboo wipes are biodegradable, the Smart Wipes bio-viscose wipes are compostable.

What means biodegradable?2019-08-27T20:43:53+02:00

A “biodegradable” product has the ability to break down, safely and relatively quickly, by biological means, into the raw materials of nature and disappear into the environment. These products can be solids biodegrading into the soil (which we also refer to as compostable), or liquids biodegrading into water. Biodegradable plastic is intended to break up when exposed to microorganisms (a natural ingredient such as cornstarch or vegetable oil is added to achieve this result).

Where are your wipes produced?2019-08-27T20:44:38+02:00

Our production location is in Czech Republic. Our main and differentiating natural ingredients are produced in Europe and the United States of America.

What is the shelf life of your products?2019-08-27T20:45:13+02:00

Our products have a shelf life of 24 months.

What kind of material is used for the packaging of the wipes?2019-08-27T20:42:11+02:00

The 2019 version of all packages consists of PET/PE.

Do you have any certficate for the compostability of the wipes and the packages?2019-08-27T20:42:58+02:00

Yes, you can find all the certficates on our website, please click on this link: Certificates

What are the ingredients of your formulas?2019-08-27T20:43:34+02:00

We are only using biological ingredients (NO ALCOLHOL!) and are using a very effective biological lotion with antibacterial effectiveness. We have done a number of tests with this lotion on common (hand and body) bacteria. Please click on the following link to see the result: Bacteriostatic

What means compostable?2019-08-27T20:44:16+02:00

A product that is “compostable” is one that can be placed into a composition of decaying biodegradable materials, and eventually turns into a nutrient-rich material.  It is almost synonymous with “biodegradable”, except it is limited to solid materials and does not refer to liquids.

Where can I buy your products?2019-08-27T20:44:52+02:00

Coolhands and Smart Wipes have lots of distributors in various countries. If you can’t find it in your country, just use our contact form. We will give you an answer at short notice.

Can you produce wipes on my request, with my logo?2019-08-27T20:45:26+02:00

Yes, we can. There is a certain minimum quantity for Private Label orders. Please contact us via the contact form on this website.

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