What is the difference between Coolhands and Smart Wipes products?


The difference between Coolhands and Smart Wipes products is the used material. Our Coolhands wipes are made from 100% bamboo and our Smart Wipes are made from 100% bio-viscose. [...]

What is the difference between Coolhands and Smart Wipes products?2019-08-27T20:41:38+02:00

What are the ingredients of your formulas?


We are only using biological ingredients (NO ALCOLHOL!) and are using a very effective biological lotion with antibacterial effectiveness. We have done a number of tests with this lotion on [...]

What are the ingredients of your formulas?2019-08-27T20:43:34+02:00

What means biodegradable?


A “biodegradable” product has the ability to break down, safely and relatively quickly, by biological means, into the raw materials of nature and disappear into the environment. These products can be [...]

What means biodegradable?2019-08-27T20:43:53+02:00

What means compostable?


A product that is “compostable” is one that can be placed into a composition of decaying biodegradable materials, and eventually turns into a nutrient-rich material.  It is almost synonymous with “biodegradable”, [...]

What means compostable?2019-08-27T20:44:16+02:00

Where are your wipes produced?


Our production location is in Czech Republic. Our main and differentiating natural ingredients are produced in Europe and the United States of America.

Where are your wipes produced?2019-08-27T20:44:38+02:00

Where can I buy your products?


Coolhands and Smart Wipes have lots of distributors in various countries. If you can’t find it in your country, just use our contact form. We will give you an answer at short [...]

Where can I buy your products?2019-08-27T20:44:52+02:00

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