Coolhands Single Folded


Path-Away based large premium bamboo wipe. Hygiene at Hand with antibacterial effectiveness. The soft lotion takes care of hands and body and doesn’t dry the skin. Large reduction of several bacteria and proven to be effective on viruses and funghi. Anti-allergic, mild and non-alcoholic solution. Every wipe is single packed and is ideal to take with you during hiking, camping, golfing or any other activity. Easy to use and super refreshing. To be used on hands and body.

Price is mentioned for 1 display box (excluding VAT).


Large folded bamboo wipe.

Product specifications:
– Size unfolded wipe: 200 x 220 mm
– Size package: 70 x 140 mm
– Path-Away based formula

– Wipes per package: 1
– Wipes per display box: 50
– Wipes per carton: 500 (10 x 50 pcs)
– Carton size: 405 x 289 x 212 mm
– Carton weight: about 7.8 kgs
– Cartons per pallet: 42 (21,000 wipes)
– Pallet size: 1200 x 800 x 1634 mm


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