It is the ideal production machine for baby wipes, household and industrial wipes. Both wipe in wipe and wipe on wipe.

  • 30-120 wipes/package
  • Euro hole in 2 sizes

  • Small to very large wipes

This machine is widely used for production of baby wipes. But, it is also perfect for other (larger) industrial wipes. The lotion can be custom made and closings can vary.


The cross fold machine is usually used for make-up removal wipes. We also make our standard multipacks with it.

  • 5-30 wipes/package
  • Euro hole
  • Used for relatively small wipes

The multipacks this machine produces can contain up to 30 pieces. We use various non-wovens with different thickness. Either embossed or plain, anything is possible.

Single Rolled

The machine for single rolled wipes is unique in the world of wipes. Few converters use it, but it creates beautiful products.

  • 1 wipe/package
  • Luxurious way of packing
  • For real oshibori

Although there is just one wipe per package, it is possible to put a very large and luxurious wipe inside. The wipes are folded in half and then rolled and packed.

Single Folded

Compared to the sachet machine, this machine creates luxury wipes. The package is perfect for a good marketing message.

  • 1 wipe/package
  • Nice packages, nice give-aways.
  • Creates folded luxury wipes

Lots of our standard products are produced on this machine. Also we have a lot of private label customers, because the package is perfect for having your own marketing message.


Lots of people know the sachet wipes. We produce them with sustainable material and mild lotions. No alcohol inside.

  • 1 wipe/package
  • Relatively small wipes
  • Ideal product for mass use

If you want to offer your customers a nice wet wipe, but are not prepared to give them a luxury version, the sachet is the ultimate product. It can be rather small, but still comfortable.

Different Closings

In-line with our machines we have various options for packing. From a robot pop-up applicator up to automatic packing.

  • Pop-up lit
  • Printed or non-printed stickers
  • Boxed options, depending on wishes

Packing is what distinguishes your product from its competitors. Therefor we have various options to pack according to your wishes, as automatically as possible.

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